Join me on my wardrobe makeover!

I love to shop. And I love a great deal.

Especially on clothes. My closet is filled with dresses, tops, and bottoms that I snagged on the cheap. A clearance sale at the mall? I’m there. Eighty percent off the lowest price in my favorite online shop? Let me grab my debit card. Never mind the fact that the blouse I bought was a little shorter than I prefer, or that the skirt I purchased hugs my butt too tightly. They cost me next to nothing, and I’ll wear them at some point, right?

Recently, after a major closet cleaning, I came to a realization: less is more. And I’m not talking “less” in terms of cost; I’m talking “less” in terms of the actual number of garments I own. See, for the money I’ve spent on discounted t-shirts that faded after the first wash and clearance-rack tunic tops that struggle to contain my bust, I could have purchased more expensive yet higher quality staples that wouldn’t leave me scrambling before work for an outfit that didn’t “fit weird.”

My Wardrobe Makeover

Going higher end means that I wouldn’t be able to buy as many individual garments as I would if I hit the sales bins, but it WOULD make me more thoughtful about the clothing I selected. I would be more picky, making sure that colors and fits were exactly to my liking. Someday I want to open my closet door and see an array of gorgeous garments that I love to wear, not a collection of lackluster pieces collecting dust at the back of the racks.

‘So,’ I wondered, ‘how do I go about remaking my wardrobe?’ I’m no neophyte when it comes to fashion and knowing what looks good on me, but I needed some help. I needed a plan. I needed…Nina Garcia.

Garcia, a former judge on the television show “Project Runway” and the current fashion director for Marie Claire magazine, has written a number of books, one of which—“The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own“—was exactly what I needed.

In its 300-ish pages the book lists…well…the 100 accessories and articles of clothing that Garcia believes every woman should own. Now, of course I don’t believe that every woman needs some of the things in the book. For example, I likely won’t be purchasing aviator sunglasses, cowboy boots, or a BlackBerry. (Can you tell this book was written in 2008?) And you know what? Some women might not need ANYTHING Garcia lists. But in flipping through the book, I realized that Garcia’s A-to-Z items would help me achieve my goal of creating a chic, stylish wardrobe of basics (and a few trendy pieces) that I can use to assemble both work and casual outfits.

So…what’s the point of this post? It’s to introduce my new endeavor. Every week, I’ll be writing about my experiences acquiring, in alphabetical order, the items that Nina discusses in her book. In each weekly post, I’ll provide information about the history of one item, the best places to find it, and tips for working it into your own style.

Next week, I’ll be introducing the first item that, according to Garcia, aspiring stylistas should have in their closets…the A-line dress. So simple, so cute, and, as I’ve come to find out, so very flattering!

If you want to follow me on my foray into fashion, be sure to pick up a copy of Garcia’s book, available on Amazon.


My Wardrobe Makeover

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